The Dystopia of an Imitation by Jaroslaw (Jarek) Solecki is a virtual installation created in 3D technology inspired by the paintings of Johannes Vermeeer, in particular his famous The Milkmaid (from around 1657–1661).
 This small-sized work (45,5 × 41 cm) begins to draw us in, sweeping us off into a space that belongs only to it. It becomes even more fascinating when we notice that the composition, which at first glance looked like an accurate depiction of details, is manipulated by the artist's decisions.
The original painting can be found in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam (SK-A-2344).
 On the gallery's wall can be seen a reproduction of The Milkmaid, but the portrayed woman presents empty hands instead of a pitcher. The pitcher itself has become the main object of the installation. It is based on a scan of a quasi-Dutch coffee mug, which during the process of analysis and conceptualisation became a pitcher from a Vermeer painting.
 Further information about the project, as well as the theoretical findings, can be read in the bilingual booklet The Dystopia of an Imitation by Jarosław Solecki.
Curatorship of the exhibition: dr Justyna Gorzkowicz

You can download a full version of the booklet from here: DOI

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